Campaign Objectives

  • Worldwide branding, association of the bibi brand with the slogan “happiness for babies”
  • Product presentation of the iconic red soother
  • Increase website rankings in search engines result pages (SERPs)
  • Full HD videos in 4 different languages for web and TV broadcast

Bibi brand decided to go for high-quality 3D cartoon animations because:

  • they create an immediate and powerful branding impact on the audience
  • they differentiate and emerge the brand from the competition
  • their valuable content lasts for unlimited amount of time
  • their contents organically diffuse on Social Media, Publications, and Festivals

The creation of bibi world

Visual Center creates a cartoon world for the iconic Swiss bibi soother. Each product is transformed into a 3D cartoon character, including bibi bird’s 2D logo.
Each animal represents an age range, Lion being the youngest and Frog the oldest.

bibi swiss soother family cartoon team

Video productions

Video 1 – Bibi land

Video 2 – Bibi fun park

Awards, nominations, and publishings

bibi selection at San Diego International Kids Film Festival

Phone and tablet wallpaper downloads

Current downloads: 11’000

bibi wallpapers for phones and tablets


„Joel Stutz, is a ingenuous and very creative, balanced and farsighted sparring partner when it comes to the interpretation and creative transformation of a brand or product strategy. Joel is a hands-on producer of electronic visuals of any kind, always to the point and with tools and sources at hand that allow good value-for-money advertising. His advice and imagination are unique and I am sure he will be a well respected and seeked-for producer for most difficult and complex marketing propositions to be transferred in effective advertising. His sensitivity for human aspects and emotions are essential aspects of his talents. It is rewarding and a true pleasure to work with him.”