3D graphics, videos and VFX

Our visual effects services include all types of organic or inorganic visualizations used for the film industry, documentaries, commercials, product presentations, or company videos. The advantage of choosing our team is in our detailed case study of a product prior to production to enable us to model, animated and render people, animals, objects and products according to their correct anatomical characteristics.


3D FSME tick animation for Baxter AG

Baxter AG developed a vaccine against the FSME virus spread by ticks. The animation had to explain how and where ticks bite and how they transmit the virus. A great deal of time was needed to recreate the tick in its smallest microscopic details, including hair and teeth, ensuring perfect photorealistic rendering from which the viewer is no longer capable of distinguishing reality from CG.

Sharetable animation for REMAGO

Sharetable is a desktop interaction revolution conceived for banks, hotels, travel agencies, and any company receiving customers. The monitor and computer integrated into a table enables two people to share their screens and interactively be able to modify their contents.

Music and sound design by Marco Viale, SoundAvenue.ch


Making-of Hawa ending shot

Commissioned task to create the ending shot of a commercial. The video is the making-of domonstrating how the 3D animation was created in Maya and rendered with VRay and Mental Ray. Clothes are animated with nCloth simulations.

Mondaine PayChip 3D Animation

Photorealistic full HD product presentation of the new Mondaine PayChip technology.

Bibi bottle 3D product presentation

Photorealistic full HD product presentation for the new Bibi bottle, Lamprecht AG.

Bibi box presentation

Photorealistic full HD product presentation for the new Bibi box, Lamprecht AG.