Experts in the art of cartoon

We offer all kinds of cartoons – transforming existing logos into 3D characters, caricaturizing a real person, or simply inventing one. The unique and valuable quality we offer is our ability to give characters a sympathetic, organic, emotional look to make them look completely realistic.

Bring your brand to life

This example shows how we created a cartoon character for each Nuggi product of the Bibi brand. If you have a product represented by any tpye of mascot, animal, design, or logo, imagine how transforming it into a real character will empower your brand.

Our cartoon characters

  • Create a 3D cartoon character from scratch
  • Transform your logo into a 3D cartoon character
  • Caricaturize a person into a 3D cartoon character

How we create 3D cartoon characters


is the first and most important step before the design of a 3D cartoon character. It gives us a detailed overview of the topic by collecting reference images of all kinds, photographs, drawings, caricatures, and cartoons. From this collection we then pick up useful characteristics from different images and combine them to put together an ideal character that meets the client’s requirements.


a cartoon character is about translating a mental concept into drawing. Once the client and the research have given us a direction, we’ll be ready to develop the first sketch. Experiments and comparisons gradually lead to a flawless final design ready for production.

3D Modelling

means creating the character in a virtual 3D world. The character is created in a grey model similar to a clay sculpture. Here comes in one of the most crucial factors that distinguish an amateurish robotic looking character from a professional emotional and alive looking character. It is important for clients to understand that a cartoon character becomes the new face of their brand, and if it is not carefully developed according to fundamental modelling principles, the result can very easily look cheap and unusable.


is the process of colouring the grey 3D model. You can imagine this process as if painting with a brush over a porcelain sculpture. We always work with the highest texture resolution in order to recreate the smallest of details on skin, clothes, shoes, etc.


means adding skeleton and muscles to a character. This allows us to move it through controls similar to a marionette. Rigging is a very important procedure as it is the foundation of all movement. Every single body movement and every single facial expression is created in this step.

3D Rendering

can be described as “taking a photograph of a 3D scene”. While in real life a photograph is snapped in a fraction of a second, in 3D all light interactions, shadows, material properties, and reflections need to be calculated by the computer. The lighting rig and material attributes determine the final look of an image.