Nizza Paradise architectural animation

The Nizza paradise is the biggest construction project plan in Lugano, Switzerland. Most of their luxurious apartments had to be sold before construction even began. Thus our video was one of the few tools they had at hand. With this animation we had one minute to impress potential buyers from all over the world. One of the characteristics we brought into focus was the complexity of the structure. This was very effectively accomplished with the use of an initial point animation. This point represents the initial and very first architectural concept of the building. This dot then becomes a line as if drawn with a pencil, and then two lines, then four, gradually becoming the skeleton of this building, giving the idea of its huge dimensions.

The second technique used to transmit the feeling of dimension was using fast camera movements. This gives the effect that even though we are continuously moving at fast speed, we never actually come to a resting point. There are always new elements to see: outdoor ponds, entrance gates, interiors, pool, spa, garden, rooftop, etc.

A very important note about the use of camera movements is that we strictly followed the cinematic principle of revealing information gradually. This means that the animation starts by revealing only details and as the animation progresses the camera gradually takes greater distance from the building, revealing more and more its complete structure. It is only at the very end of the animation that we finally understand the location. The camera finally slows down, comes to a rest, and shows us the entire colossal residence.

Adria Village 3D architectural animation

Music and sound design by Marco Viale,