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Visual Center by Joel Stutz is a creative 3D animation studio located 2 steps from the train station of Brugg, Switzerland. Here is the place where your dreams are transformed into spectacular 3D images and animations.

We distinguish ourselves by devoting our entire heart and passion to quality and precision. We have an efficient quality focused structure that converts your entire budget in the final result. We don’t use middlemen, sellers, assistants, producers, and coordinators who create confusion at the expense of your budget.

Speak directly to the creative mind who builds your work. You need one person fully dedicated to your project, the one who understands your needs, builds the idea, consults you, answers your questions, and creates the masterpiece – cost and quality effective.

Come over for a fresh made coffee and talk about your project.

Bibi, the Disney-style product presentation 3D cartoon

This animation is a combination of Disney and product presentation, never before were baby products presented in a lovelier way. Children enjoy funny characters in enchanting landscapes rich of fairy tale music while the newest Bibi products are being presented. This animation was done entirely by Joel Stutz in 100 days, including sound designs.

Watch the making of Bibi
Bibi cartoon animation on swiss newspaper article aargauer zeitung bibi logo making of bibi cartoon animation lamprecht making of bibi cartoon animation by visual center

Nizza paradise architectural animation

“We proudly show this video to clients, at real estate conventions in Milano and Zürich, at showrooms and exhibitions. This jaw-dropping animation is an important contribution to our successful marketing strategy.”

Norbert Candinas,  Owner , Nocasa

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3D cartoon presentation of Svega web agency

“This 3D animation was the best marketing investment our agency ever made. The video is many years after still empowering our brand and perceived as a trendy hit. This could never have been accomplished with a conventional video or commercial spot.”

Maximilian C. Schwenn, CEO, Svega web agency

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postfinance svega cartoon animation aduno svega cartoon animation

Fred the fish, cartoon animation for Swiss schools

“Joel perfectly understood all requirements and goals of the campaign. He additionally brought his own ideas and the result was perfect, exactly what we needed. The communication was very clear and Visual Center was very flexible and fast to implement adaptations. Our collaboration will remain among our best memories.”

Philipp Michel, Art Director, Herger Imholz AG

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Photorealistic Bibi product presentation

Photorealistic full HD product presentation for the new Bibi bottle, Lamprecht AG.

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bibi logo making of bibi cartoon animation lamprecht making of bibi cartoon animation by visual center