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Visual Center is Joel Stutz’s 3D animation studio, currently working in London and Zurich areas.

We are specialized in promoting brands and products with High-end 3D animations. Our service includes studying the message and values to be delivered to an audience, researching and planning the most effective video technique to communicate to potential customers, and the creation of the entire video, including music and sound design.

Heineken’s Eichhof bottle renderings

Joel Stutz, Visual Center 3D animation studio models and renders Heineken’s new Eichhof bottles. The animated bottle parts such as bubbles, drops, and caps opening are exported in PNG sequence to be utilized for an interactive web experience. The video sequences are rendered at 4k resolution. Task commissioned by Hi Schweiz AG.

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Russian pharmacy – International Women’s Day

Leaf Tango - FINALIST - Oniros Film Awards - 2018
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Russian pharmacy – Happy New Year

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Planet of Health’s 2D logo is brought to life by transforming it into a 3D cartoon character. This empowers the Russian pharmacy chain to establish a personal connection to its audience. In this special occasion, the leaf wishes everyone a Happy New Year and reminds that the most precious gift, and the star of Christmas, is your own health.

Bibi fun park by Joel Stutz

Entire animation done by Joel Stutz, including idea, designs, animation, and sound design.

Branding and product presentation.

Children see the world as a big fun park. Everything is filled with exciting adventures. The loss of a soother is a big tragedy for our small bibi® friends. Bibi Birdy is the big friend that the baby animals are turning to when they are upset or in trouble. With her help and all the baby animals helping each other, they find the soother and everybody finds happiness again.

Bibi case study
bibi fun park cartoon art-wanted selection for rebusfarm mad artist bibi fun park cartoon animation Waff - World Animation Film Festival Bibi fun park cartoon animation selection aargauer zeitung Joel Stutz Visual Center 3D animation studio in London bibi cartoon kids first san francisco selection SIFF - bibi cartoon animation selection at Switzerland international film festival baltimore new media festival bibi cartoon animation

Mous’ AiroShock technology

3D product/branding animation done for Mous’ AiroShock, a London based company producing revolutionary shock-prove phone cases.

mous official selection gsf awards

Visual Center showreel

This showreel is a collection of VisualCenter’s main works throughout the years. We thank our clients for putting their trust in us to create these wonderful and memorable animations.

London exhibition interactive animation

The colorful Smoothwall stand enjoyed a lot of attention and popularity at the Bett exhibition in London. Thanks to the very successful collaboration with the international film agency Ekstasy, Visual Center was able to take over the full 3D animation from design till final render.

There is nothing more valuable and harder to achieve than giving people a smile, we will keep this event in our hearts.

Y&R Group Switzerland 2D animation

This simple 2D animation with cool and trendy music was played at the Exchange event of Y&R Group Switzerland between various presenter hosts. The purpose of the movie was to keep a positive and exciting mood throughout the event.

Bibi, the Disney-style product presentation 3D cartoon animation

This animation is a combination of Disney and product presentation, never before were baby products presented in a lovelier way. This animation was done entirely by Joel Stutz in 100 days, including sound design. The TV spot is broadcasted on several channels, including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and RTL.

Watch the making of Bibi
„Joel Stutz is an ingenious and very creative, balanced and farsighted sparring partner when it comes to the interpretation and creative transformation of a brand or product strategy. Joel is a hands-on producer of electronic visuals of any kind, always to the point and with tools and sources at hand that allows good value-for-money advertising. His advice and imagination are unique and I am sure he will be a well respected and seeked-for producer for most difficult and complex marketing propositions to be transferred in effective advertising. His sensitivity for human aspects and emotions are essential aspects of his talents. It is rewarding and a true pleasure to work with him.”
Nico Issenmann, VR-Del. & CEO Lamprecht AG

Making-of Hawa ending shot

Commissioned task to create the ending shot of a commercial. The video is the making-of domonstrating how the 3D animation was created in Maya and rendered with VRay and Mental Ray. Clothes are animated with nCloth simulations.

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Nizza paradise architectural animation

“We proudly show this video to clients, at real estate conventions in Milano and Zürich, at showrooms and exhibitions. This jaw-dropping animation is an important contribution to our successful marketing strategy.”
Norbert Candinas, Owner, Nocasa
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A web agency presented with a 3D cartoon animation

“This 3D animation was the best marketing investment our agency ever made. The video is many years after still empowering our brand and perceived as a trendy hit. This could never have been accomplished with a conventional video or commercial spot.”
Maximilian C. Schwenn, Svega web agency
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postfinance svega cartoon animation aduno svega cartoon animation

Mondaine PayChip 3D animation

Photorealistic full HD product presentation of the new Mondaine PayChip technology.

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Fred the fish, cartoon animation for Swiss schools

“Joel perfectly understood all requirements and goals of the campaign. He additionally brought his own ideas and the result was perfect, exactly what we needed. The communication was very clear and Visual Center was very flexible and fast to implement adaptations. Our collaboration will remain among our best memories.”
Philipp Michel, Art Director, Herger Imholz AG
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Sound design by Marco Viale,

Photorealistic Bibi product presentation

Photorealistic full HD product presentation for the new Bibi bottle, Lamprecht AG.

bibi logo making of bibi cartoon animation lamprecht making of bibi cartoon animation by visual center
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